About Us



My name is Karihwawihson Joe Brown. I am a turtle clan member of the Mohawk Nation from Kenhteke Mohawk Territory. I have grown up within my culture and longhouse ways. After many years of teaching our people our language, I've decided to alter my direction. Now, I share my passion of culture and language by helping others through  Social Work. My approach to counselling has taken me to a new direction of helping others through ceremonies and land based therapy. Contact me today so we can talk about how Land based Therapy and Cultural Consulting can help you with what it is you need in your life.

Our Approach


We utilize the world around us. That which is required for us to be grounded to our mother the earth. Our wholistic approach coupled with Traditional teaching will re-root you within our culture and ceremonies. Using traditional medicines and Mohawk language we will guide you to becoming the whole person you deserve to be. 

Why Us?


I offer an authentic voice and an authentic way of being. You can not only rely on my professionalism but also my years of knowledge that I have gathered from our elders, and teachers throughout the Iroquois Confederacy. I promise to uphold the traditions of our people through respect, kindness and love. I offer an ancient way of being, paired with a Bachelor of Social Work through an Indigenous education at Ryerson University.